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I remember my first photography 'Aha!' moment, standing in a darkroom, hunched over the white sheets of paper floating in mysterious fluids, witnessing true magic as a moment in time developed into a permanent image. I was hooked. Those were the days of film, and today's darkroom is an electronic 'Lightroom.' I passionately embrace today's modern digital tools, and I apply them with the fundamental techniques that I learned at one of the premiere photography schools in the world, the Rochester Institute of Technology. Today I’m an active board member of the Westchester Professional Photographers Association, and a member of the Professional Photographers Society of New York State.

I've spent the last ten years photographing events and portraits. After one of my first events, a guest complimented me, saying 'You were great! You were everywhere and nowhere.' That has always stuck with me. I try to be a friendly, calm, and effective presence. I truly love telling the story of my clients' events through my photographs. I am focused not only on the beautiful and meaningful images that I am capturing, but also on ensuring that my clients feel comfortable, and enjoy the experience of sharing their day with Liflander Photography.

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