FAQs - LiflanderPhotography

What styles do you specialize in?

I take a candid yet journalistic approach or style, capturing emotions and moments and the look/feel of an event. I capturing personality with dynamic lighting/posing and really connecting with people. I like to give people space to be themselves, to be authentic. That involves talking to people before and during a shoot, but also sometimes leaving some breathing room so that couples can genuinely interact with each other. It also involves anticipating what I call "the moment after the shot." Often times, I take a picture and notice that when I lower my camera peoples' guard goes down. THAT new moment becomes the best shot.

Does your approach change from gig to gig?
Different types of jobs may require different approaches, and in that sense I always strive to be flexible. But, I don't change who I am. I always put customer service and great results on the same high level. I see myself as a service provider as well as a producer of a great product.

Do you shoot only digital?
I've been all digital since 2004, when I sold my beloved medium format film Yashica-mat twin-lens reflex camera. It was very valuable to learn on film before digital existed. You had to get it right when you shot it, because it was much more difficult to just "fix it later" before we had Photoshop. That means that I learned how to properly compose and expose a shot, how to pose and how to light.

I love the tools afforded to me with digital photography. I'm really in the flow when I'm editing in the "digital darkroom" of Photoshop. But I see too many new photographers that don't have the fundamental knowledge that learning on film gave me.

Do you have assistant photographers or second shooters who go on shoots with you? Yes, I have a core group of people I've been working with for years. I also know many photographers of all levels that I call on to work with me.

How long after a shoot do we see the photos?
I send highlights within a few days, and all final photos within 30 days (usually sooner.) Rush jobs can be as fast as same day. All photos I deliver are fully edited (color-corrected, cropped, any artistic treatments, etc.)

Do we get all of the photos or just some?
All the ones you could possibly have any use for. I often shoot two or three shots at a time to get just the right expression, and to avoid blinking eyes or closed mouths. I remove the closed eyes and awkward expressions, and deliver the good ones, which is often multiple shots of the same situation.

Do you take video as well? Do you work with a videographer?
I have trusted videographers that I partner with, either subcontracting for me or simply referred to my clients.

Describe your personality on a shoot...
Everywhere and nowhere. That's how someone described me after one of my first weddings. I've kept that as my mantra ever since. I'm right in the thick of the action, up close or at a distance, but I get the shot, and I get it unobtrusively. I'm excellent at getting exactly where I need to be without interfering with guests or with the moment. I'm consistently complimented by guests on this.

Why did you choose this career?
For me, photography uses all parts of my brain, and my heart. It dynamically combines technology, artistry, and working with people. It's a great challenge to bring these disparate skills together, and I love it!

What is the greatest reward?
The feeling of satisfaction that I provided something very valuable to an individual, a family, or an organization, after putting all of my energy into it.

OK, all this sounds great but how do your rates work?
Every event is tailored to the client's specific needs and desires. I like to meet with potential clients to determine what they really want; what style they are looking for; what type of experience they want to have with me, and what products they want to have in the end. These discussions help both my clients and I determine if I'm the right photographer for them, and if so, how their event is priced.

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